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Crypto Scratch Cards

Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to deposit cryptocurrency? Look no further than Dinars Pay! Our revolutionary crypto scratch card offers a hassle-free deposit option for users, providing the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Crypto Debit Card

Join our growing community of investors who use Buy Crypto's professional and secure platform to easily buy, sell, and deposit cryptocurrency. Sign up for an account today to access DinarsPay's Dinars Crypto Card, which allows you to generate virtual or physical debit cards to use worldwide for purchases, cash withdrawals, and more.

Crypto Desk

Imagine having access to a professional desk exchange service right at the airport, saving you time and effort. With Desk Exchange Offices, you can exchange currency with ease, ensuring a smooth transition during your travels.

ATM Withdraw

Ready to experience the ease and convenience of accessing your funds at any time? Simply locate one of our ATM locations and enjoy hassle-free cash withdrawals wherever you go. Say hello to financial freedom and peace of mind with our global ATM network

P2P Exchange

P2P Exchange offers a seamless, secure, and hassle-free solution to your cryptocurrency and fiat currency needs. Say goodbye to the cumbersome processes and hello to a new era of streamlined transactions.


With dinars token, you can take advantage of unique price promotions and rewards, making your shopping experience more rewarding than ever before. Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and embrace the future of shopping with dinars token.


Presale 40%
(40,000,000 Dinars)
Ecosystem 24%
(24,000,000 Dinars)
Cashback Reserve 5% (5,000,000 Dinars)
Marketing,Acquisition partnership 4% (4,000,000 Dinars)
MM,Incentive 6%(6,000,000 Dinars)
Team 6%
(6,000,000 Dinars)
Liquitity & Listening 12% (12,000,000 Dinars)
Partner & Adviser 3% (3,000,000 Dinars)

Sales Start

July 1st, 2024

Sales End

July 31th, 2024

Token Supply


Token Allocated


Hard Cap

July 31th, 2024

Token value

1 DINARS = 0.60 USDT


A portion of the our DinarsPay tokens are sold to early backers in return for cryptocurrency during a token sale.Here, we can provide the token's entire supply, sale duration, and appropriate token value.

25% Bonus

Our Strategy & Project PlanRoad Map

Q1 2024
  • Launching Website
  • The ICO Listing.
  • 40% of total supply will be for sale
  • 5% of total supply will be as airdrops
  • Launch social networks
  • Pre-Sale ICO
  • Initial Token price 0.06$ with Vesting (Withdrawal will be after 6 months)
  • Assign a team with blockchain experts.
  • Q2 2024
  • Launching mobile application and official site
  • Open P2P exchange platform
  • Start opening multiple desk office in different international airports like Doha, Dubai, CDG, etc.
  • Q1 2025

    Dinarspay trading pair in CEX and DEX which includes,

  • Dynamic pairing
  • Spot
  • Swap
  • P2P
  • Copy trading
  • Q2 2025

    DInarspay Own Layer 0 Blockchain which includes all protocols to create

  • NFT token
  • Utility token
  • Security token
  • Dapps etc
  • Our audit report has been submitted and has yielded exceptional results. We invite you to download and explore the in-depth insights and analysis it offers. By delving into our report, you will gain a profound understanding of the intricate world of crypto and the measures we have taken to ensure security and compliance.

    Any where any Time Mobile App

    dinars pay platform unlock a world of possibilities. Join the countless users who have already embraced the future of finance. Experience the convenience, security, and innovation that Dinar Pay has to offer. Your financial freedom awaits – take the first step towards a smarter and more efficient way of managing your money.

    With Dinar Pay platform, the future of financial transactions is in your hands. embark on a journey towards seamless, hassle-free money management.

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    DinarsPay is a crypto payment ecosystem that enables users to easily transact anywhere. Our ecosystem's distinctive, flawless features and functionalities demonstrate its capabilities. We have adaptable business concepts to explore advanced technologies and trends. We will selectively allow businesses that share our values and goals to participate in this economy. Through our ICO, we aim to redefine people's relationship with finance - this is just the beginning of an extended journey.
    After signing up at https://www.dinarspay.com, you can currently buy Dinars tokens in two ways: by purchasing them directly with a credit card, or by swapping USDT for Dinars tokens on the Platform.
    DinarsToken launched its mainnet with a maximum supply of 100 million Dinars tokens, with 40% available for presale through four different ICO stages.
    Investing in DInarsPay Token (Dinars) early in the ICO will allow you to buy tokens at the most affordable price point. As the ICO progresses through its four stages, the price per token will increase. In addition to getting the best price, investing in Dinars gives you access to the DinarsPay platform, which will provide crypto users with a variety of services useful for daily life when it launches.
    Dinars Token solves common issues for cryptocurrency users by providing convenient solutions for daily transactions and exchanges, including fiat withdrawals, deposits, and conversions within the Dinarspay Wallet. The platform also enables shopping with partners, crypto scratch cards, and debit cards. Overall, Dinars Token aims to improve the crypto experience by addressing problems with transactions, exchanges, and integration with real-world spending.
    We are targeting all cryptocurrency users who face restrictions when using their own crypto assets, including depositing, withdrawing, and spending their digital currency.
    DinarsToken launched its mainnet with a maximum supply of 100 million Dinars tokens, with 40% available for presale through four different ICO stages.

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